L' ANAC esprime solidarietà al popolo ucraino, ai nostri colleghi, parenti e amici in Ucraina, e si unisce a tutti coloro che si oppongono al conflitto scatenato dalla Russia, in questa situazione pericolosa e incerta.
L' ANAC coordinandosi con partner come la FERA (Federazione dei registi europei) e l'International Coalition of Filmmakers at Risk, si è messa a disposizione dei colleghi ucraini per aiutarli nell'attuazione delle misure di protezione e assistenza.
La nostra comunità ha invitato i leader europei a prendere una posizione, agire subito, ma anche a dare ascolto all'appello dei nostri colleghi ucraini, che rilanciamo di seguito.
Dichiarazione collettiva degli autori ucraini: “La Russia ha lanciato una guerra contro l'Ucraina. Ora più che mai abbiamo bisogno dell'aiuto della comunità internazionale e di chiunque capisca che la guerra di domani potrebbe essere alle tue porte. Abbiamo parlato della guerra nell'Ucraina orientale nei nostri film per otto anni. Li avete visti ai festival internazionali. Ma questo non è un film, ma la nostra realtà. E oggi questa realtà si è diffusa in tutto il nostro mondo senza eccezioni. I cineasti ucraini ti chiedono di non tacere e di non farti da parte. Chiedono aiuto e alcune azioni che possano aiutare l'Ucraina a riconquistare la pace".
Oleg Sentsov, director of Rhino::
“Putin does not dwell on Ukraine. This is a full-scale war. This is a challenge to the whole democratic
world. We are not only defending our land, we are resisting the impending tyranny. The time of
concern is over. It is time to fight for freedom and truth.”
Valentyn Vasyanovych, director of Reflection and Atlantis:
“I stay in Kyiv. I want to be among people who are aware of their ethnic, cultural and political
affiliation. I want to be among these people to gain important experiences that will help me create
true stories about them. I want to be part of a force that will lead to the destruction of the evil
Maryna Er Gorbach, director of Klondike:
“Dear colleagues, cinematographers, politicians, opinion leaders, every minute of delay in making
influential decisions takes away the lives of Ukrainians now and every life outside Ukraine in the
future. The world security is in the hands of the Ukrainian army. Be brave and determined, support
the demands of Ukrainian politicians. Do it for the future of your own children!”
Anna Machukh, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Film Academy and Odesa International Film
“Russia has reached this point of no return. These actions are unforgivable and will never be
forgotten. Now more than ever, Ukraine needs help of the international community not only for
support and concern, but with certain action. It’s not the time now to bury your head in the sand. It’s
time to call out. Russia started the war against Ukraine today, and tomorrow it may be at your home.”
Natalka Vorozhbyt, director of Bad Roads:
“I washed my head and my mother made the patties. We took chairs, candles and water to the
basement. I allowed my daughter to swear, because she was scared. I read the news that Russian
troops are near Kyiv. Near my Kyiv. My ex-husband enlisted in the army. We live in the centre of
Europe, in the 21st century, in Ukraine. Our closest neighbours are Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the
Baltics, Romania. Near Germany, France, Italy, etc – we go there by car. This is not just our war. It will
affect every European. It can destroy our world. Your participation, support and help are very much
needed now. As well as your speeches, protests, money, weapons, sanctions. I call on the world to
unite against Putin’s Russia and win together.”
Iryna Tsilyk, director of The Earth is Blue as an Orange:
“Well, we see a real face of Russian fascism now. The Russian dictator has stared a full scale
invasion in Ukraine. Many people in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa and other cities woke up from the
sounds of explosions and sounds of sirens. Russian and Belarusian tanks crossed our border. Air
strikes by Russian military are carriyng out at various strategic points in many cities of Ukraine.
There are many killed and wounded people. Ukraine will resist. I believe, this is the beginning of the
end of Putin and the Russian Empire. And I believe in Ukrainians, our Armed Forces fight and defend
our land with dignity. But of course we need all the possible support of the civilized world. It is
important to understand that Russian neo-Fuhrer and millions of his voiceless or agreeable people
have started the war not only against Ukraine, but against the whole Europe and the whole Western
When I’m telling about support, I mean not only the sanctions or other actions of the leaders of our
allies. We also need information support. It is important to understand that Putin built a kingdom of
false mirrors where white is called black and vice versa. We should resist against Russian
propaganda all together. I mean each of you, friends. It seems that Ukraine is again in the highlight
of world’s attention. But we need even more. I know that Russians won’t stop their Fuhrer. But the
whole civilized world can do that, we have many kinds of tools and ‘weapons’. The main thing – do
not watch silently as Leviathan is trying to devour Ukraine. Your country can be his next aim.”
Nariman Aliev, director of Homeward:
“Ukraine is fighting for its freedom and for its right to freedom. Ukraine is fighting against the
Russian Federation, which does not have its own crazy imperialist appetites. They are no longer
ashamed to attack a sovereign country in front of the eyes of the world, having no right or no reason
to do so. We need support and assistance: military, economic, informational. I ask all those who are
not indifferent to their protest against Russian aggression. Go to the squares of your cities and put
pressure on the leaders of your countries to provide real assistance to Ukraine. You can personally
make donations for the needs of Ukrainian defenders so that this war does not end up in your home
tomorrow. I urge directors, actors, musicians and other artists to say no to Russian aggression in
Ukraine. Call it all by its name – Russia is at war with Ukraine. Each of you can influence the sacrifice
to be less. Why do we need a voice if we are afraid to use it to destroy evil and innocent people
would not suffer?”
26/02/2022 - ANACronista

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